Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Can you guess which Osborne's posed as Wall-e and Eva for Halloween? Matt and Stephanie, of course!

Go Big Blue!

In keeping with a recent tradition, Kevin and I headed out of town the day after Stake Conference. This time we flew to Detroit to spend a few days with Derek and Janel in Ann Arbor. Derek arrived at the University of Michigan last July to begin 5 years of graduate school to earn his doctorate degree in Biophysics. We enjoyed touring the campus, seeing the fall colors, and playing with Brooklynn (I should have put that first!) This was my first time ever to visit Detroit and it reminded me a lot of our days in Wisconsin. It was a great trip! You can see more pictures and details on Derek and Janel's blog:

What's New This Fall?

The new school year brought a few new adventures fro the Osborne's. Karly is a freshman this year and is running cross country. It's been 7 years since Derek's senior year and his last cross country race. After 8 years of cheering for Matt, Corey, and/or Derek, we've missed cross country so we recruited Karly. She was hesitant at first but has rekindled her love for running and we love watching.

Also, in September I started teaching seminary. It's been a bigger challenge than I even imagined, but I love it! I teach 20 freshmen and sophomores from our ward including Karly. They're a great class and although it's tough, I love teaching AND learning. Since Karly and Nathan are attending seminary, I might as well be there too! I also have a blog for my class if you're curious: