Thursday, March 25, 2010

Karly turns 16!!!

It's hard to believe that the "baby of the family" is 16...and will be getting her license in a few months...and has just a little over 2 years left before she heads off to college! So...we SURPRISED her with a party the night before her birthday...we wanted to really take her by SURPRISE...and it worked!

First we had a YUMMY steak dinner. Unfortunately I couldn't get everyone in one picture...but you get the idea!

Taking pictures on the MAC.

The DVD player in the family room wasn't working so we all piled on my bed and watched the DVD of Karly's life. So much fun to see Karly grow-up...and many of her friends, too!

...the party's over!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring in Michigan

Kevin, Karly, and I had a great trip to Ann Arbor! The highlight, of course, was meeting Kate and playing with Brooklynn (sorry Derek, Janel, Karla, and Jeff!!!) Although the intent was to help Janel adjust to being a mother of 2, I think we just added to the confusion... but it was so much fun! And we even had beautiful spring weather...the snow was almost melted by the time we left. To add to the fun, Aunt Karla and Uncle Jeff drove up from Ohio to spend the weekend. We had an early birthday party for Brooklynn, and also for Derek, Karla, and Karen since we share a birthday. Somehow we missed Janel's birthday which is only a week after Brooklynn's:)